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Welcome to our first official dev blog! We’ve been pretty busy working towards building a complex survival game for those genre lovers out there! As we have been silent for a little while, we have finally gotten to the point we’ve been aiming for. We are a short time away from our closed beta testing, to help us stress test the game, to prepare it for our official early access release.

As of today, we are excited to announce that all main features of the game are currently working properly. What does that mean exactly? Well take a look below at the list of currently implemented and working functions!

  • Crafting Bench (Used to craft basic items/furniture/storage).
  • Mechanic Bench (Used to craft car parts and vehicles).
  • Research Table (Used to research new items/weapons to craft).
  • Painters Table (used to craft art pieces that can be used to decorate those bland walls).
  • Medical Table (Used to craft medical supplies).
  • Distiller (Breaks down contaminated liquids to make them consumable).
  • Industrial Shredder (Breaks down metal items for metal scraps that can be used to craft other items).
  • Barriers (That can be used as a defense system while also causing damage to those who come in contact with it).
  • Zombie variations with a variety of skill levels (also hunts animals, and could damage the ecosystem).
  • Compound construction (Houses/Garages/Towers/Buildings/Medical Facilities/and more).
  • Base Building.
  • 75+ items that can be used to furnish compounds/homes/buildings.
  • Wild animals that will target both you and your cattle.
  • Zombie dog! (An extremely aggressive dog with high speed and high damage).
  • Vendors that sell and buy items from common to epic.
  • 100’s of buildings to search and take over for your compound.
  • Large map.
  • Guardians that will hunt down survivors and control the guard outposts.
  • Survivor Outposts that have crafting benches, vendors and is used as a safezone.

We are also excited to share with you some awesome features we have in the works, all these below mechanics are of course still in a planning stage, and could be scratched depending on the outcome of feedback during closed beta and the development team.

  • Farming system (cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep and crops. Ability to harvest them for resources eggs/milk/cheese/meat/pelt).
  • Ability to MOD End of Days.
  • Ability to host a dedicated server.
  • Admin menu for server hosts.
  • Plethora of weapons with numerous attachments (scopes, lasers, sights, muzzles and silencers).
  • Train system that allows for faster trade routes and travel (players will also be able to take control of the train).
  • VOIP and Chat system.
  • Seasonal/Dynamic Events.
  • Fishing System.

As we continue development we will also be updating the community regarding major changes, as well as featuring some gameplay to come very soon! Stay updated with our development as we push closer to Beta very soon!

More Dev Vlogs coming soon!


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