Dev Blog #2

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Welcome to the second official Dev Vlog for End of Days. We are excited to be sharing more exciting news/updates with our development. Many new features have been added to the game as well as some major fixes that were made after the closed beta we had. Which a major thank you to everyone who joined us for that weekend of testing, and helping us to find bugs/issues!

  • A complete AI overhaul to enhance the AI experience with our zombies. Zombies will now alert one another when they spot YOU or another player, which results in a hefty swarm of zombies chasing you down!
  • Major adjustments to the crafting system, making things more advanced and realistic when it comes to crafting items.
  • We have revamped the UI for the game, giving it a more survival/apocalyptic look.
  • More weapons have been added with new animations to help enhance the overall feel of the game.
  • We have fixed a variety of collision issues along the map from doors, fences, gates, railroad tracks, etc.
  • New interaction animations have been implemented to the players common interactions (looting, healing, drinking, etc.)
  • We have added a variety of new sounds/ambience to the world to further immerse the player into the world of End of Days.
  • New building options have been added, including a fix to our door/window issues we experienced during the beta test.
  • We have fixed the ammo issue, where players were reloading and ending up with 20 million bullets in their magazine.
  • Houses have been completely redone around the map that now features a destroyed interior/exterior, each house can now be scavenged for items left in cupboards, dressers, side tables, fridges, etc.
  • Broken down vehicles have been added to the map that can be searched through for items (future update will allow vehicles to be repaired and operated).
  • The Guardian Base has been manned by Guardians and features top epic gear and weapons. But beware the level of difficulty to be able to loot the base.

More updates to come soon, you can stay connected on our Discord for more major updates and new dates to come!


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